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Duckling Dives
Duckling Dives Classes are now run by Baby Paddlers

All Duckling Dives lessons have now been taken over by Baby Paddlers. For information about our Winchester and Southampton swimming venues, prices, class times and what we do please visit http://www.babypaddlers.co.uk. Or call the team on 01962 680236.

Babies are born with natural swimming reflexes. At Duckling Dives we teach techniques that stimulate these natural reflexes with the ultimate aim of turning them into conscious swimming movements. We are dedicated to helping parents and their children enjoy the water safely. Our instructors are all qualified swimming instructors and have had additional specialist training in Infant Aquatics. We teach using the wonderful Birthlight teaching techniques. Birthlight's methods are designed to create an excellent foundation for the child's future in the water, promoting safe practices and confidence. Our classes are an ideal environment for mothers and their new babies to bond, for children to begin to socialise and for whole families to spend quality time together.

There are no short term goals with the Duckling Dives approach, just an aim to encourage a lifetime of love for the water.  We want to give each parent baby pairing an opportunity to bond, have fun and progress entirely at their own pace.  You will learn how to read your baby’s cues, facial expressions and understand more about their natural reflexes and development.

Toddlers can join in the fun with Duckling Dives with the Toddlers programme, it doesn’t matter if they have not had any previous experience in the water. The emphasis in these sessions is on play and fun. Building confidence and physical strength until your child is ready to try unaided swimming.